Best Pillows For Neck Pain

Everyone deserves a peaceful sleep to get charged for another hectic day. A good night’s sleep is super important for a variety of reasons; to be ready and fit for the day, to prevent weight gain, heart disease, increased illness duration, and get rid of Pillows For Neck Pain

Weight gain, heart disease, and other such issues can not be fixed solely by fixing your sleep schedule or making a comfortable bed to sleep in. You have to make time for exercise, outdoor activities, and develop healthy habits. However, the neck pain can be fixed by replacing the retired pillow with the right one and having a good night’s sleep for a couple of days. What is a pillow?

Since neck pain is a “really” common issue, we are here with some pillows options that will not only miraculously relieve the neck pain and assist you in sleeping better. Yes! Some pillows can “actually” help you with neck pain. Hard to believe? Here are the best possible solutions;

  • Durable; Zamat Contour Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain
  • Non-Toxic; Lucid Talalay Mid-Loft Latex Pillow
  • Comfortable; The Three Geese Queen-Sized Feather Pillow
  • Versatile; Sobakawa Traditional Standard Size Buckwheat Pillow

Zamat Contour Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain

Zamat is a leading pillow manufacturing company that has been serving us with the best pillows for years. It has been bringing us ultra-durable, comfortable, and soft neck, cervical, button, and regular pillows. This Zamat contour memory foam pillow made it to our list because it is specifically designed and engineered to treat neck stiffness and pain.

Zamat Contour Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain


As this zamat pillow is unique in all senses, its structure is needed to be discussed in detail. The said pillow has got a soft facial, neck support, and shoulder fixation area to keep the neck, shoulder, head, and body in the right position. The soft facial area relieves facial pressure and provides excellent support to the neck and head. Moreover, it prevents wrinkles as well.

The neck support area provides excellent support while keeping the neck in a favorable position. Whereas, the shoulder area fixes the posture, supports the neck, and relieves unnecessary pressure. In short, this contoured memory foam pillow is a hundred times more effective than the traditional uncontoured memory foam pillows.


This contoured memory foam pillow is versatile, it is effective for everyone. So, the stomach, side, and back sleepers can order without any hesitation. It would neither be a disappointment nor a waste of money.


The best part of this mat contour pillow deal is that it can be adjusted to perfection. There is a removable piece in the bottom If it is allowed to keep sitting there the pillow would have a height of 4.7 inches and if it’s removed it will fall to 3.9 inches.


  • ultra-durable comfortable, and soft
  • Contoured
  • Has got a soft facial area to prevent wrinkles and relieve pressure
  • Rebound memory foam filling
  • Effective in treating headache, snoring, stiff neck, shoulder pain, and cervical strain
  • Provides ergonomic support
  • Has got all the qualities of a good pillow


  • May smell for the first few days

Lucid Talalay Mid-Loft Latex Pillow

Lucid Talalay Mid-Loft Latex Pillow
Lucid is a famous Amazon seller who made a way into people’s hearts by presenting quality products, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. The Lucid’s latex pillows are firm, comfortable, and soft just as the pillows should be.


This Lucid Talalay mid-loft latex pillow is filled with Talalay latex foam. This forgiving filling makes these latex pillows comfortable, breathable, soft, and ultra-durable. Moreover, it makes the latex pillows highly resistant to mold and mildew.

Non-toxic, dust and mites resistant;

It is no secret that latex pillows are preferred over memory foam pillows as they are noticeably less toxic than the other option. The latex filling and 100% pure cotton cover make these Lucid pillows supernaturally resistant to mites and dust.


The Lucid Pillow may come in a regular shape but it is versatile enough to serve its purpose well. As per the company and existing user’s claim, these Lucid pillows are equally useful for side, back, and stomach sleepers.


  • Adapts according to the requirements
  • Provide responsive support
  • Equally useful for back, stomach, and side sleepers
  • Soft breathable and machine washable pillowcase
  • Engineered using US certified latex foam
  • Compressed, rolled, and packed to perfection
  • Comfortable and soft just as the pillows should be
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • Must have been listed with more information

The Three Geese Queen-Sized Feather Pillow

The Three Geese has brought to us their wonderful invention; the feather pillow. The Three Geese is a well-known and well-trusted brand. The company made a mark by offering quality pillows, comforters, blankets, and microfiber bed sheets at the most affordable prices.

The Three Geese Queen-Sized Feather Pillow

The Three Geese has been working and serving us tirelessly for about twenty-one years. The best part of the Three Geese deals is that it allows you to test their products for a good thirty days. If you are not satisfied, you can return or request a replacement.


As the name suggests, the three geese’ queen-sized pillow is a feather pillow. It has got chambers; the inner chambers are filled with feathers whereas the outer chambers have been filled with high-quality polyester. The feather and polyester make it super supportive, comfortable, soft, and extra cuddly.

Vacuum packaging;

Do not think for a second you have wasted your money. It comes in vacuum-treated packaging. As soon as the packaging is removed, the pillow expands and comes to normal condition.

Keeps the body align, helps in sleeping better;

These Three Geese pillows are just as supportive as the pillows should be. The said options keep the body aligned, treat neck, shoulder, and back pain, and assist you in sleeping better.


  • Durable, handy, and comfortable
  • Manufactured by a well-known brand
  • Filled with polyester and geese feathers
  • Super affordable
  • Supportive just as the pillows should be
  • Extra cuddly


  • Got a few negative reviews

Sobakawa Traditional Standard Size Buckwheat Pillow

Sobakawa Traditional Standard Size Buckwheat Pillow

Sobakawa specializes in designing and creating the best pillows. It offers almost all kinds of pillows from regular ones to boomerang and neck roll pillows. However, out of all the options, Sobakawa’s buckwheat pillows deserve to be discussed.

Made for everyone;

This Sobakawa buckwheat pillow is not designed for any specific needs. It is rather designed and engineered to serve backside, and stomach sleepers equally.


As the title suggests, this Sobakawa’s hot-selling pillow is filled with one hundred percent pure buckwheat hulls. The filling makes it super comfortable and does not allow the pillow to trap heat.

Provide unmatched comfort and support;

This Sobakawa’s innovation knows how to perform its job. It offers unmatched support that we need to get a good night’s sleep. Supportive enough to treat neck pain and stiffness.


  • Not made to serve any specific needs
  • Works for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Provide comfort and support to prevent neck pain and have a good night’s sleep
  • Travel-friendly can fit into a standard traveling bag
  • Helps with irritability, stiff neck, headache, insomnia, and sluggishness


  • Got a few unsatisfied customers

What are the best pillows for neck pain and stiffness?

It might have been clear to you already what are the best options to get rid of the neck. However for all those fellas out there who are still confused; look for the

  • Memory foam pillows
  • Buckwheat pillows
  • Latex pillows
  • Feather pillow

If neck stiffness or pain is not going away.

Memory foam pillows

Memory foam pillows are one of a kind. Being around for such a long time, memory foam pillows are also known and recognized as the traditional pillows in the market.

Memory foam pillows

The true memory foam pillows are filled with polyurethane. Polyurethane is a material that belongs to the family of plastics. It is used in a variety of products like mattresses, sofas, insulation, and spray foam. This forgiving material contours to the shape under pressure but gets back to the original state once the pressure is released.

If we talk about the goods of Memory foam Pillow, this traditional pillow has got unsurpassed contouring abilities. However, if we try to judge it the other way, it gets hated for trapping heat. Despite the habit of trapping heat, loyal memory foam pillow fans claim that it retains its shape even after years of abuse.

As per the experts and researchers, the said pillow’s ability to contour to the shape of the body makes it the best pillow to ease neck pain.
According to a study conducted back in 2019, the people undergoing chiropractic treatment noticed relief when they switched to a memory foam pillow.

Since memory foam pillow has got the researcher’s approval, there may not be an any better option than that in the market to relieve neck pain.

Buckwheat pillows

When down pillows worsen the neck pain, Buckwheat pillows come to the rescue. The Buckwheat pillows originated in Japan and are known as “Sobakawa” in their country of origin. However, for the rest of the world, they are simply Buckwheat pillows.

Buckwheat pillows

The Buckwheat pillows, as the name suggests, are made from Buckwheat hulls and the hard outer casing of Buckwheat seeds. The Buckwheat filling is 100% safe for human use.

The buckwheat pillows are super effective in easing neck pain. The said pillows relieve you from neck and back pain by supporting your head and neck like no other thing. Moreover, the buckwheat pillows make sure your spine is fairly aligned. So when your spine is aligned, the tendons, muscles, and ligaments assist in easing up your neck pain.

However, the only issue is that buckwheat pillows are not that handy. They are not machine washable. But who cares whether they are handy or not when they are doing the job for you, right?

Latex pillows

Latex pillows can also be a reliable solution for neck pain. Latex pillows are admired for a variety of reasons however, they are most known for their durability. The Average latex pillow lasts around a good three to four years whereas the regular pillow generally expires in a year or so. Moreover, latex pillows are hypoallergenic, breathtakingly handy, super soft, and comfortable.

Latex pillows

There are two types of latex pillows available in the market; latex pillow and blended latex pillow.
The true latex pillows are filled with latex collected from Hevea-Brasiliensis, a rubber tree. Whereas the other type is usually stuffed with Dunlop latex shreds and kapok fibers. Whether it is latex or Dunlop latex shreds and kapok fibers, the latex pillows are 100% safe, supportive, and breathable.

The latex pillow allows the head to go down only at a certain point so the person does not end up waking with a stiff neck. The said pillows use the same trick to help you get rid of neck pain. It holds the head and neck firm at a healthy angle, this comfortable head and neck position eases the pain.

Feather pillows

Replacing your pillow does help you in sleeping better and get rid of neck stiffness and pain. Feather pillows are also found effective in making you sleep better and easing neck pain and stiffness.

Feather pillows

The feather pillows available in the market today do not contain duck or goose feathers. It contains small round clusters collected from fluffy duck and goose breeds. This makes today’s feather pillows even more comfortable, soft, and supportive.

As per the experts, feather pillows are one of the most comfortable pillows ever invented. They are softer and far more luxurious than regular pillows. However, it is not a durable option as they get flattened with time.

The said option assists you with pain and stiffness by offering the stability your neck, shoulder, and head need. They might not be as effective as the above-mentioned options but still not be useless enough to cause pain or stiffness.

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