Christmas Embroidered Lumbar Decorative Pillow 2023

Decorate your Christmas season with pillow-perfect Christmas Embroidered Lumbar Decorative Pillow because it is offering a wide range of indoor/outdoor pillows and other products All pillows have been designed by an in-house creative team to decorate your dream living room.

The pillow has a unique design and colour trends to give you a classic symbol of Christmas. Each pillow is cut, labelled and designed by experts to give extra benefits.

Christmas Embroidered Lumbar Decorative Pillow

Features of Christmas Embroidered Lumbar Decorative Pillow 2023

Embroidered: This pillow is beautifully embroidered in such a way that it is liked by most people. The Silvery-white birches adorned with brilliant red Cardinals give an amazing look to this pillow.

Extra cushion: There will not only enhance the overall look of your place. But this rectangular-shaped pillow can be used as a regular cushion It fill-in material maintains its shape and it can be used year after year.

Easy to clean: There is no need to take extra care of these pillows But they can easily be cleaned with a spot cleaner.

Other features:


  • Good fabric and high-quality fill-in material.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Comfortable if anyone wants to use it regularly.


  • The Colour may fade after some time.
  • For indoor only.


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