Different Types of Pillows (2022)

The different type of pillows you choose to rest your head and neck on is as important as a mattress for sleep health and quality Poor pillow choice can affect the overall sleep quality, Most people overlook how influential a type of pillow can be for sleeping comfortably different type of pillows. So if you get more updates on pillows then visit our website digitalpillows.com.

The plethora of options makes it even more daunting to get the best types of pillows. Therefore, an individual should understand different pillow types for preferred sleeping positions to prevent soreness and stiffness in the morning.

So To get a good night’s sleep with a perfect type of pillow, learn about the different types of pillows to get one according to your sleeping position

Down pillow

So Down is a luxurious and ultra-soft pillow made of soft fibers from a swan, duck, or goose underbellies These exceptionally soft pillows offer a generous amount of cradling for luxurious comfort The sleeper will get a good sleep with this comfortable assistance.

Different Types of Pillows Down pillow
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The high-end down pillows filled only with geese and duck feathers usually fall on the higher end of the price spectrum A single down pillow may cost between $10 to $200 or more depending on the quality Manufacturers often mix regular feathers to offer support but they are not as warm and soft as pure down pillows These blended pillows are less expensive as well.

However, Down pillows are durable and malleable but they do need frequent refilling to sustain their shape. These pillows are made with hypoallergenic material, however, it is not usable for an individual allergic to ducks and geese.

When buying a down pillow, be sure to look at the down to feather ratio The amount in down is measured in cubic inches Consider their fill power as well, if it is above 600, a person will have an idea, high-quality, and long-lasting down pillow. However, the higher the fill power the more expensive the pillow.


  • Moldable and durable
  • Lightweight, extra soft, and cushiony
  • Insulating, better for winters


  • Gets easily overheated as it retains body heat
  • Needs regular fluffing to maintain shape
  • Not easy to clean


So It is an ideal option for Side, back, and stomach sleepers Especially for stomach sleepers, it is the best pillow because of its softness

Feather pillow

Sleepers wanting to have a plush experience can purchase a feather pillow The type of pillow fill contains feathers, down, or a blend of both Feathers for the pillow fill is obtained from the topcoats of duck and geese Feather fill is not soft, so, feathers are mixed with down for a cozier finish.

Different Types of Pillows Feather pillow
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So People allergic to down better have a good look at the makeup of the feather pillow Feather filling can be a great choice for a comfortable, supportive and durable option High-quality feather pillows are quite pricey.

Feather pillow needs frequent filling to stay lofty and feathers tend to flatten or clump together after a while.


  • Less expensive than the Down
  • Conforms to the shape of head and neck
  • Lightweight and Supportive
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • Difficult to maintain or clean
  • Not as soft as down and retain body heat
  • Require regular fluffing


So The higher loft makes it ideal for back and side sleepers.

Down Alternative pillow

So Down alternative pillow seeks to mimic the soft, fluffy feel of a traditional down pillow by using cotton or polyester fiber with many similar qualities This synthetic version is made of hypoallergenic material to help not provoke any allergies.

Different Types of Pillows Down Alternative pillow
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They do not trap heat and are less morally questionable.so If you do not want an animal-sourced product and crave the same feel as a down pillow, the Down Alternative Pillow is your answer.

Unlike two of the pillows mentioned above, this one is inexpensive easy to maintain, and clean The plush polyester fiberfill does not sacrifice performance with a low price tag.


  • Affordably Priced
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Not an animal product made from the hair of ducks or geese


  • Not moldable and develop lumps after a short time
  • Not as warm, plush, or durable as the Down pillow


The softness and fluffiness of this Down Alternative pillow so are suitable for back and side sleepers so Stomach sleepers can use it as well.

Cotton pillow

Cotton fill is a common material used in pillows and all sorts of bedding So Most people use cotton pillows as they are affordable and easy to clean With the use of newer synthetic materials like memory foam, feathers, and others, cotton pillows are witnessing a downward trend in popularity.

Different Types of Pillows Cotton pillow
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It is not as soft or comfortable as the aforementioned different types of pillows but the low price makes it a hit among homeowners. Cotton is undoubtedly soft and breathable but the material loses its firmness over time Regular fluffing can prolong the service life.

Cotton fill has moisture-wicking properties and is prone to sweat absorption and mildew buildup so People allergic to new synthetic material can have a cotton fill pillow to avoid allergy attacks.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Naturally temperature regulating
  • Wicks away moisture and sweat
  • Easily washable


  • Needs frequent cleaning and fluffing
  • Does not contour well to the head and neck
  • Becomes lumpy with time


This versatile pillow so can be used by side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Latex Pillow

Latex is one of the trendy pillow fill being used nowadays To give customers more options than the classic down or fiber pillow, the new style is the latex pillow.

Different Types of Pillows Latex pillow
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Often made from shredded latex, these pillows are gaining popularity because of their high level of support, plushness, firmness, and flexibility. Latex pillows are available in both shredded and solid materials.

Not all latex pillows are purely made of latex as some are made of polyurethane foam which can be potentially toxic Check the latex blend before purchasing one.


  • Durable, moldable, and breathable
  • Biodegradable


  • Expensive
  • Potential allergic reactions


So It is recommended for side and back sleepers.

Memory Foam Pillow

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional pillows then these popular memory foam pillows may appeal to you Plenty of varieties are available ranging in firmness, height, cooling factors, and other special features.

Different Types of Pillows Memory Foam Pillow
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SO These pillows are available in four different types of foam shredded, single slab, layered, and contoured Often made of polyurethane material and occasionally blended with polyfill.

Shredded memory foam is made of ripped-up pieces of polyurethane, therefore, quite soft and moldable Block memory foam types of pillows are composed of a firm, solid piece of polyurethane which does not clump and is highly supportive.

So Memory foam pillows are a nice blend of soft and firm They contours to the head and body making it a good fit for all sleeping positions.


  • Pain-relieving, responsive, and cradle your curves
  • Does not clump
  • Plenty of varieties available


  • Traps heat and gets hot when you lie on it
  • So Not suitable for people sensitive to chemical smell called off-gassing


It can be suitable for all kinds of sleepers be it side, back, or stomach sleepers However, it can be a little firm for side sleepers.

Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows are enjoying a surge in the sleep industry as more and more people seek natural materials for all sorts of bedding, This rising trend is likely because of antimicrobial properties and moisture-absorbing abilities.

Different Types of Pillows Bamboo Pillow

So The general construction, type of bamboo fabric, and interior fill used vary from brand to brand It is made of a shredded foam interior with a bamboo viscose shell to combine the usefulness of a shredded memory foam pillow with the cooling properties of bamboo.

Bamboo is a hypoallergenic material, that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction To be clear, the bamboo material is used in the casing, not the filling These types of pillows are often stuffed with shredded memory foam.


  • Wicks moisture and heat naturally
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial
  • Eco-Friendly and easy to care for
  • Wrinkle resistant


  • Can be a little heavy
  • Expensive
  • Strong chemical smell
  • Long drying period


It is better suited for back sleepers.

Gel Pillow

Gel pillows are a perfect sleeping partner in the summer for their ability to keep sleepers cool at night Gel pillows are blended with another material, commonly foam or latex, to give a cooling effect along with softness.

Different Types of Pillows Gel Pillow

These pillows can be designed with gel pods, laminated gel layers, or gel infusions in the pillow material The gel is not a standalone material, so, the interior is often stuffed with solid memory foam, shredded memory foam, or microfiber.

It reduces the pressure and relieves neck pain owing to the gel’s cooling sensation. SO Gel-infused pillows hold their shape well and do not need fluffing frequently.


  • Hypoallergenic and moldable
  • Cooling effect
  • Get a cooler and cushioned night’s rest


  • High price tag
  • Too firm


Gel pillows are recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

Polyester Pillow

So Is anyone looking for a budget-friendly pillow? so This soft, cuddly, and breathable fabric would be it It is one of the most common pillow types and a firm favorite of many people Polyester fiberfill pillows or Polyfill can be tailored to meet the requirements of all kinds of sleepers.

Different Types of Pillows Polyester Pillow

The fluffy polyester fibers or poly fibers can equate to cotton in terms of softness It is easy to get tempted by the benefits but is also important to know whether it would be a right fit for you.

It inhibits breathability and does not quite match the support and comfort provided by memory foam pillow However, it is easy to maintain and wash and not as expensive as some other luxurious pillows.


  • Inexpensive, lightweight, and hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Quick-drying


  • Becomes lumpy after minimal use
  • Inhibit breathability
  • Not durable


So It was made with varying levels of firmness to fit the needs of the back, stomach, and side sleepers.

Buckwheat Pillow

This traditional Japanese pillow is known as Sobakawa or Buckwheat pillow, it first became popular in Asia and then quickly made its way over to North America The interior is filled with outer casings of buckwheat seeds.

Different Types of Pillows Buckwheat Pillow

The filling is firm yet breathable, these pillows are similar to microbeads in feel and texture Buckwheat hulls are strong conform to the head, and make a crunchy noise when the sleeper moves around.


  • Malleable and long-lasting
  • Perfect for summer
  • Biodegrade quicker


  • Noisy
  • Heavyweight and too firm


Back and stomach sleepers will find it useful.

Microbead Pillows

Microbead and Buckwheat pillows are quite similar in feeling Microbeads or unexpanded polystyrene beads (EPS) make a squishy, contouring pillow fill Made from a synthetic material, uniform polymer particles, to provide optimal support when seeping upright.

Different Types of Pillows Microbead Pillows

Microbead offers cooling, breathability, and molds to the shape of the head Even though these pillows are quite similar in features to buckwheat they lose their shape faster than true buckwheat pillows.


  • Squishy, breathable, and malleable
  • Firmness
  • Supportive


  • Retain heat and emit a smell
  • Not eco-friendly, does not biodegrade quickly
  • Not durable


Recommended for back sleepers.

Water Pillow

To completely change your sleeping experience, get a water pillow Simple at their core but highly worthwhile overall, these therapeutic pillows are quite uncommon It is an adjustable pillow type by adding the desired level of water Adjust the water level to get the perfect firmness.

Different type of pillows Water Pillow

They are not prone to sagging or lumping On top of that, they do not require fluffing However, water pillows do not conform to the head shape.


  • Adjustable firmness
  • Do not develop lumps
  • Does not require fluffing


  • A bit firm
  • Risk of leaks
  • Does not contour to the head and neck.


Recommended for all types of sleepers

Choosing The Right different Type of Pillow

So It can get quite overwhelming to choose the right pillow type considering hundreds of options available in the market Understanding all these different types of pillows, shapes, and fills will help you make the right decision.

So If a sleeper does not want frustrating nights spent counting sheep, get the right pillow as per his sleeping position and other requirements Whether you want a hypoallergenic pillow or something to relieve neck pain and reduce pressure, you can find different pillows to fit your needs.

Wrap Up
With dozens of pillow types and options available in the market currently, it is hard to make the right decision Nothing should prevent you to get a restful snooze, so, take your time, research, and select a quality pillow.

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