Neck Pillows for travel

In today’s world, choosing the best neck pillows for travel is not as easy as you think. Pillows play a critical role in getting restful sleep while travelling. Before buying, one has to see lots of things; fill, thickness, versatility, durability, temperature regulations and pain relief etc. Apart from these factors, many personal choices of people are involved as well.

When there are thousands of options available that are claiming to provide restful sleep during travel then it will become easy to end up with the wrong choice. Many people used to travel more frequently and they are always in search of good pillows for sleep during travel. For all those travellers, we have picked the best pillows available in the market to assist them in making the right decision.

Pillows are not considered an accessory but it is a place where we can rest. All people want comfortable, fully supportive and firm pillows for their sleep. The following list includes all the best options available currently to help you sleep well while travelling. Read the entire article and choose the best one according to your personal preferences.

  • Hypoallergenic; Trtl Store Scientifically Proven Super Soft Travel Neck Pillow
  • Doctor Recommended; Cabeau Evaluation S3 Memory Foam Travel Pillow.
  • Chin support; Cabeau Air Evolution Inflatable Travel Pillow and Case Inflatable Airplane Pillow.
  • Best for Middle seat; Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow.
  • Ideal for travel; Lewis N. Clark Men’s On Air Adjustable and Inflatable Neck Pillow.

Trtl Store Scientifically Proven Super Soft Travel Neck Pillow:

Trtl Store Scientifically Proven Super Soft Travel Neck Pillow

The pillow manufacturer has been selling quality material for a long time. People love to buy their products because their pillows are known for durability, support, versatility and comfort. If you are in search of the right pillow for your neck support then this store is going to provide a unique pillow you are looking for

Unique, no fill:

This Trtl invention is unique in all senses. However, what makes it more distinctive is the “no-fill” design. The pillow has a plastic brace inside that supports the head in an amazing way. The brace is adjustable so you can choose a side according to your wish.


Having hypoallergenic pillows during travel can help prevent an allergic reaction. Evidence shows that hypoallergenic pillows can significantly decrease allergic reactions in sensitive people. Without any fear, anyone can use it.

Superior neck support:

Enjoy the nap by placing this pillow on either side of your neck or anywhere under your chin. This pillow will provide superior neck support in the best position for sleeping. This scientifically proven pillow is designed in such a way that it prevents stiff neck and sore shoulders.


It is extremely thin so that users can fully lean against their seat headrest. This pillow has achieved the main goal of a neck pillow. Its thin structure makes it ideal because if the pillow is thick it will push your neck far forward.


  • It has a unique design as compared to other neck pillows available for use.
  • It will not take too much space in your carry-on.
  • Thin in structure and it will let its users sleep decently as the head will stay comfortably in place.
  • It is the best option to consider for frequent overnight travellers.
  • In short, this pillow is the only way we can survive long flights in economy class.


  • The fleecy material can get a bit warm.

Cabeau Evaluation S3 Memory Foam Travel Pillow:

Cabeau Evaluation S3 Memory Foam Travel Pillow.

The memory foam pillow is designed by Cabeau Evaluation for neck support. According to the manufacturer, this pillow is specifically designed to support the neck during travelling. So they can not be used as regular pillows.

This memory foam pillow reaches us after being tested by an expert doctor. They are effective in supporting the neck and preventing sore neck.

Thick Padding:

Memory Foam Travel Pillow is a traditional U-shaped neck pillow. To give firm support, the pillow is packed with a thick padding of memory foam.


The more comfortable and safer option to consider has straps that attach to the back of the headrest to help the users to stay up straight comfortably.

Doctors’ Recommendation:

This pillow is recommended by the expert orthopaedic, as it will support the person during travelling or in any seated activity that tires the muscles around the head.


The pillow has a washable cover as well as a carry bag. It is the users’ choice either to wash it in a machine or with their hands.

Neck Support:

The back neck of the pillow squares off a bit to keep your neck in line with the back seat. This pillow will support your jaws and no one will be caught open-mouth breathing.


  • It is simple to carry because it comes with a bag that compresses it to half its size.
  • The bag has straps that can be attached to the handle of your carry-on.
  • It will give firm support to the neck and jaws.
  • The comfortable and supportive pillow is good for long flights.


  • None.

Cabeau Air Evolution Inflatable Travel Pillow and Case Inflatable Airplane Pillow:

Cabeau Air Evolution Inflatable Travel Pillow and Case Inflatable Airplane Pillow.

The inflatable travel pillow is designed by the Cabeau brand. This is the same brand that has offered memory foam for neck support. This inflatable and memory foam pillow is quite famous among people due to its amazing support and inside material.

If you are searching for a good pillow with maximum attributes then consider this after reading all the below-mentioned features.


This travel pillow is 5 inches thicker and has a flat back to keep users’ necks in line with the seat. The pillow has a tiered structure to make your head extra comfortable.

Special Toggles:

These pillows are slightly higher than the majority of pillows and have special toggles that can be connected so that the pillow can not fall off.

Washable cover:

Many people love those pillows that have washable covers. Enjoy the nap on a clean and cosy pillow and it will give you a germ-free trip every time.

Easy to pack:

The inflatable travel pillow is easy to carry as it compresses down to the size of a soda can. The ideal option to consider for those who struggle to rest during travel and want to carry light luggage.


  • They are designed by the most trusted brand.
  • It has a similar back flat just like memory foam pillows.
  • It is not difficult to pack and carry.
  • This pillow offers 360-degree support to the head and neck.
  • It is adjustable as per the users’ wants.


  • It is a good option if you travel light. On longer flights, it may be tiring for people.

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow:

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow.

Travelrest is a leading pillow manufacturer that has been serving us with the best products. Its pillows are mainly designed to comfort the neck while travelling. As the name suggests, this manufacturer does his best to make our travel easy.

You will not get a window seat every time you travel. However, don’t worry, you can wear this inflatable pillow and support your neck amazingly.

Neck support:

Many travellers recommend this pillow because it will help you to lean your neck against it if you are in the middle of the seat. It will prevent the users from accidentally falling on strangers.

Best for the middle seat:

If you can not get a window seat then it doesn’t mean that you are going to suffer because you can wear this amazing inflatable pillow. It will support you in an amazing way so that you can sleep comfortably.


This pillow is featured in the New York Times and it is the best pillow in 2022. People of all ages can use it while travelling in cars, buses, trains, camping while watching TV and playing video games.

Easy to pack:

It will take less space as it stores neatly. The pillow will not take up much space and it is easier to pack as well.

Promotes good sleep:

Get a good sleep because the pillow will provide amazing support to the head, neck and cervical alignment. It will prevent the head from falling forward and it will be ideal for chronic pain sufferers.


  • Good material inside.
  • Easy to carry while travelling.
  • The best pillow is beneficial on long flights.


  • Got some negative reviews about the clip of this pillow.

Lewis N. Clark Men’s On Air Adjustable and Inflatable Neck Pillow:

Lewis N. Clark Men's On Air Adjustable and Inflatable Neck Pillow.

The Chinese manufacturer came forward with this amazing masterpiece for neck support during travel. This inflatable pillow has thousands of positive reviews given by satisfied travellers. The unique design and shape allow travellers to sleep comfortably.


It is easier to inflate and deflate which makes it easier to carry. The fastest travel pillow is amazingly simple and extremely comfortable in all aspects.

Sleep well:

It doesn’t matter that you are travelling by road or by air but you can still sleep well. This pillow is supportive of the head and neck so that everyone can sleep comfortably.

Easy to carry:

It is easier to carry when travelling. Place it in your suitcase, handbag or wherever you want.

No neck strain:

The pillow has a thinner back to prevent extra pressure on your back. The anti-stress design is the safest way to relax while travelling.

Washable cover:

The pillow has a soft and removable cover that is easily washable. So wash the pillow whenever it is necessary to make it germ-free.


  • They are super comfortable and easy to blow up.
  • It inflates with just 2 to 3 breaths and deflates immediately due to a large air hole.


  • Sometimes they don’t hold air for long times.

How to find the right pillows for the neck during travel?

Apart from regular pillows, they are of several kinds nowadays. It is not easy to choose from the crowd that provides the best neck support. Buyers have to pay attention to these factors, filling, thickness and firmness while purchasing pillows. However, size, price and pillowcase should not be neglected in any case. The majority of people prefer hypoallergenic and machine washable pillowcases.


Neck pillows for travel should be designed in such a way that they will let you rest comfortably while travelling on long flights. For example, if it doesn’t provide enough support then you will probably wake up with a sore neck. So choose the pillow that is giving all the support you need to sleep.


There is a wide variety of neck pillows available on amazon. Some of them are high-priced but it is advisable to keep searching and you will surely get an affordable one.


Some pillows come with removable pillow covers and they are washable to keep them clean. It is recommended to opt for removable pillow covers so that they can be properly cleaned to make your journey germ-free.


Pillows are coming in different fillings and it is always difficult for the person to choose between them. Before buying the pillows, prefer the hypoallergenic material. There are several kinds of fillings in pillows like down features, latex, cotton, down alternative, memory foam and a few others.

Certified Material

It is essential to opt for certified pillow material instead of unregulated, low-quality or harmful material.


Many people love to use thick neck pillows for travel like traditional U-shaped pillows instead of thin pillows. They find them more comfortable around their neck as compared to a thin one. The thickness provides more support to the neck and muscles around the shoulders and head.


While buying neck pillows for travel gather all the information about the warranty. Expensive pillows manufacturers are giving three to four-year warranty. Many brands allow the users to get back the money if they don’t like the pillow. So always prefer those pillows that have a warranty refund.


It is summed up that we have shared many options for people. Choose according to your personal preferences from these up to mark products. All the above-mentioned pillows are highly appreciated by their users. Go and start shopping with full confidence. For more information about pillows. Then visit DIGITALPILLOWS.COM.

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