What Are The Best Pillows?

A multitude of factors goes into choosing the best pillows, especially now, when an individual is spoiled for choice. If you end up with the wrong pillow, prepare yourself for sleep deprivation and restless nights. We can not emphasize enough but it is so easy to go wrong with this decision.

With thousands of options, there are myriad fills and degrees of firmness, also, the price ranges between a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. A person can easily get confused with a diverse collection of pillows available online.

So, we took it upon ourselves to find you some of the best options. After weeks of research, we picked some quality pillows that can help you get better sleep. So, stay with us to learn more about the best pillows on the market.

COZSINOOR Cozy Dream Series Hotel Quality Pillows for Sleeping:


COZSINOOR Cozy Dream Series Hotel Quality Pillows for Sleeping

What more could tell you more about the quality of the COZSINOOR Pillow than being inducted in Amazon’s Choice for sleep pillows. Exquisite design, fine workmanship, and elegant stripe make it a top choice for most homeowners. This sturdy pillow can be squeezed vigorously and folded and still return to its original shape in no time.


Packed with 100% Soft Premium Hollow Fiber Fill making it a soft and comfortable pillow. High-quality material and microfiber stuffing make sure the pillow lasts many seasons.


The high-tech pillow has an elegant design with stripes. The breathable, cooling cover ensures that the sleeper stays comfortable and cool as he sleeps.

No-Shift Design:

It gives a 5-star luxury hotel experience at home every night. The no-shift construction means the pillow will hold its shape for long without bunching or distorting.

Easy Pillow Care:

It is made with easy-care microfiber for easier washing. It is machine washable at 30°C and recovers well after every wash.


  • Hollow fiber filling for a blissful slumber
  • Breathable, elegant striped pillowcase
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable sleeping experience
  • Reinforced stitching


  • Not hotel quality as stated
  • Not firm, lose shape over time

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow:


Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

It is an ergonomically designed orthopedic support pillow that is the #1 Best Seller in Neck & Cervical Pillows. It contours to the neck and head to reduce stress on the cervical vertebra and spine. The pillow is designed for back and side sleeping positions. Especially, back sleepers with cervical issues can use this pillow for more restful sleep.


Crafted from high-density slow rebound memory foam which is certified by CertiPUR-US. The high-quality pillow offers firm support in combination with amazing softness and comfort. It holds its shape and firmness for a prolonged period.

Ergonomic Design:

It is uniquely shaped to conform to the curves of the head, neck, and shoulders. The well-thought design reduces snoring significantly by increasing airflow through air passages. The side cutouts give your top arm enough place to rest.

Neck & Back Pain Relief:

The ergonomic design aligns your head, neck, shoulder, and back. The slope refrains the head from rolling out of a stable position. It improves the sleep cycle by relieving neck and shoulder pain.


These pillows have removable, breathable pillowcases which let the air circulate to keep you cool while you sleep. The SBS zippered and machine washable cover to keep it clean and smelling fresh.


  • Breathable inner liner
  • Ergonomic design with neck and center contour
  • Neutral aligned position
  • Professionally certified


  • A bit hard
  • Not for stomach sleepers

DreamyBlue Premium Pillow for Sleeping:


DreamyBlue Premium Pillow for Sleeping

If you have tried plenty of options and nothing seems to work, give this pillow by DreamyBlue a chance. Many sleepers like you have found this pillow to be one of the best ones available currently. Moreover, it is Amazon’s choice of “pillow for side sleepers”.


This innovative pillow is filled with CertiPUR-US Certified shredded memory foam and tailor-made to all sleeping needs. The manufacturers have maintained quality and safety control by freshly manufacturing it instead of using recycled, harmful, or unregulated materials.


Most buyers buy this pillow for its adjustability. The easy-to-access zipper allows the sleeper to add more or remove excess for an indulgent sleep. All kinds of sleepers can adjust it according to their sleeping positions.


The highest quality pillow cover is made of super breathable, hypoallergenic, bamboo extracted rayon fabric. The super breathable pillow lets you indulge in blissful sleep without irritation, overheating, or suffocation.


The company has a hassle-free lifetime replacement policy and warranty. If you have an issue with the quality of the pillow, simply get a refund.


  • Certified shredded memory foam filling
  • Customizable height to fit different sleeping positions
  • Breathable and versatile pillow


  • Strong chemical smell

AiAngu Pillows for Sleeping:


aiangu pillows for sleeping

AiAngu Pillow though looks like an ordinary pillow but it has many features that stand it apart from the rest. It is designed to be cozy, relaxing, and comfortable. The sleeping pillow delivers what it is meant to do. It comes in a pack of 2 at an affordable price. This pillow is also Amazon’s Choice for “pillows for sleeping king size”. It is available in three sizes; King, Queen, and Standard.


This pillow is packed with squishy down-like microfibre. Down-alternative filling gives it the required softness and support. High-quality fiber makes it regain shape as soon as you lift your head. Specially treated cluster fibers ensure a well-rested night’s sleep.


The cover is made of breathable, hypoallergenic, quick-drying 100% cotton fabric material. Pillow cover and microfiber fill are made breathable, so, sleepers stay cool all night long.


Since it is made from down-like fiber, so, expect it to be soft and fluffy. It has pleasing plumpness and a smooth finish which gives superior comfort. Features a gusseted design which allows it to retain its shape for long.


Height? Firmness? Well, you get to decide the height and firmness of the pillow. Remove the excess pillow fill or add more to modify the height and size of the pillow.


  • High-quality microfiber fill
  • Environmental protection cotton covers
  • OEKO-TEX certified material
  • Add or remove filling to adjust loft


  • It Goes flat, needs regular fluffing

Tempur-Pedic Symphony Pillow:


Tempur-Pedic Symphony Pillow

Tempur-Pedic is a household name when it comes to bedding. Its quality products are popular worldwide and have thousands of consumers. This Symphony pillow from Tempur-Pedic is Amazon’s Choice for a “firm Tempurpedic pillow”. This pillow is, no doubt, expensive but it provides value for money. You will be paying a few dollars extra for quality and comfort.


It is a dual-sided pillow that blends two designs into one. The two sides of the pillow have a gently arched design and a flatter more traditional side making it comfortable for back, side, and stomach sleepers. It has a contoured and flat side to facilitate all kinds of sleepers.


The pillow is encased in a 100% polyester cover which is lightweight, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The cover is machine washable and can be washed separately from the inner pillow.


It is engineered to provide pain relief and personalized support with its unique design and two sides. Even after being folded for too long, it returns back to its shape instantly.


The pillow provides superior support, alignment, and durability year after year. The quality material and construction allow it to be functional for a long time.


  • Contoured and flat side design for all sleepers
  • Versatile and lightweight pillow
  • Conforms and supports the body
  • Soft feel and personalized comfort


  • Expensive
  • Less firm

WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft:


WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft

WonderSleep is a renowned brand that has a lot of fans all around the world. This is one of the best pillows by WonderSleep and even Amazon agrees. It is designed to improve posture and reduce stress on the neck and back. The comfortable memory foam pillow lets you enjoy a personalized sleep experience.


The pillow is backed with soft, shredded memory foam which molds to the curves of the body. The quality filling provides therapeutic relief and an advanced level of comfort.


The quality pillow cover is made out of 40% Viscose Rayon (Bamboo) and 60% Polyester. It is dust resistant and easy to clean. The zippered cover is removable and can be washed separately.


To customize comfort level and height, add or remove memory foam filling to make it suit your sleeping position. The height or loft size is easily customizable.

Easy To Clean:

To maintain firmness and fluffing, tumble dry in low heat every 6 months. The pillow cover is machine wash safe.


  • Cooling pillow cover material
  • Micro-fiber inner layer and soft outer layer
  • Improve posture with head and neck support
  • Easy pillow care and cleaning


  • Off gas for a while
  • Becomes lumpy

Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow:


royal therapy queen memory foam pillow

Royal Therapy is the ultimate combination of luxury and functionality. The brand’s slogan is “Your Sleep Innovation” and it stays true to its motive. This pillow has an innovative design and is quite different than regular pillows. The pillow is packed with luxury, ergonomic design, and comfort.

Fill and Cover:

It is made with certified, high-quality material which provides the longevity a buyer desires. The pillow has a bamboo outer cover which is constructed with heat-dissipating technology that eliminated heat build-up keeping you cool.

Spine Alignment:

The cervical pillow supports the heaviest parts of the head and the lighter, more sensitive neck area. The unique shape of the pillow offers natural spinal support to your body.


Besides holding its shape, it is firm and durable, it will be your sleeping pillow for many years to come, if well cared for.


The pillow has three main areas; shoulder fixation, neck support, and soft facial area. It features three different layers of memory foam, you can remove the middle layer to adjust height or size.


  • Provides the best neck and spine support
  • Allows comfort fit by adjusting the height
  • The well-designed pillow will last longer than the traditional pillows


  • Flattens after minimal use

Things To Look For When Buying a Pillow:

Gone are the days when buying a pillow was a fairly simple task, with a wide variety and diverse choices, it is quite difficult to find the perfect product. Most buyers who buy a pillow without researching end up with the wrong one. So, to make sure, you get the right fit, we advise you to take into account the following factors


Nowadays, pillows come in different fillings and that’s what makes it hard to choose between different pillows. The most commonly used fillings are down feathers, down alternative, cotton, memory foam, latex, and others. Check the label and make sure you are not allergic to the pillow material.


Most pillows have removable pillow covers which can be removed and washed to keep them smelling fresh. Generally, opt for the zippered or removable cover with hypoallergenic material, so, that they can be easily cleaned.


If the pillow fails to provide sufficient support, you will wake up probably with a bad mood and a sore neck. The pillow should be soft while offering support to the neck, head, and body.


It is wise to go for pillow materials certified by the health authorities. So, you get quality material instead of unregulated, low-quality, or harmful material.

Sleeping Position:

If you ignore your sleeping position while buying a pillow, you will definitely regret it later. All kinds of sleepers need particular pillows to sleep on. For instance, side sleepers need thicker and higher pillows whereas stomach sleepers need softer and lower pillows. Back sleepers can find anything in between for optimal sleep experience.


Even though the seller describes it to be the best pillow in the world, do not trust him blindly, gather all the information about the warranty refund. Some brands allow consumers to use them for a particular trial period, so, it is better to buy pillows backed by a warranty if you are purchasing an expensive one.

Wrap Up:

We have presented you with all the best options available in the market along with the buying guide. Now, make your decision wisely to get a restful sleep night after night.

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